"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
---Walter Elias Disney

Saturday, May 26, 2012

J Is For......Just Bought Our MNSSHP Tickets

Ok, maybe that's cheating with the letter thing a bit, but I'm really excited about this and wanted to share. Let me just say that Disney does not make it easy buying tickets for "special events" like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party online. I understand from the various Disney message boards that calling up and ordering them is easy as pie, and I would have if not for the experience I had trying to make dining reservations over the phone at my house. We don't have long distance on our land line because we have cell phones on which a long distance call is really cheap. Problem is that sometime over the last few months something changed with our phones or with the cell company's coverage resulting in our house being a rare dead zone. We can call from here, but it's iffy at best and getting half way through a transaction (such as a week's worth of dining reservations. grrrr)  only to have the phone go dead is very frustrating. So, instead of driving down to a beach access to call like I did with our ADRs, I decided to try the online route. It wasn't easy.

There is no direct link to tickets for MNSSHP anywhere on the official Disney website. The trick was to find Special Events in the "Things To Do" drop down menu. Scrolling down there, I found MNSSHP. Clicking the "See Details" option at the bottom of the little blurb will take you to the MNSSHP page, where you would expect to be able to see a schedule and buy tickets, right? Nope. I had to go to a theme park ticket link, find special events under that pull down menu and then find the MNSSHP link. While this did bring up the schedule and order page, it also automatically put a 7-Day Magic Your Way with Park Hopper Option ticket in my cart. Removing that was no problem, but I can imagine being shocked if you didn't notice it being there.

Anyhow, all is well that ends well, and I see while going back through the steps to write this, that Disney has fixed the problem and put a link to the MNSSHP tickets right on the page about the MNSSHP, which is nice. Also, it appears they are no longer adding a park ticket to your cart automatically, so good for them. As a help to anyone actually reading this who wants to buy tickets (we are going September 18th), here is the link directly to the order page.

Now, I think the only reservations yet to be made are for the Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party, and I don't believe they will be available for a month or so. Maybe by then my phone will work....