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---Walter Elias Disney

Thursday, September 15, 2016

44 Days: Disney Infinity

I almost hesitate to write this because I feel silly, but I am completely geeking out over Disney Infinity right now. I did this before, two Christmases ago, when Lisa gifted me the 2.0 version. Now, since the Disney is discontinuing the online features, Walmart is selling all their 3.0 stuff at huge discounts. And I've been snapping an embarassing amount of the stuff up.

If you are unfamiliar, Disney Infinity is a very open-ended game that allows you to play as any number of Disney, Marvel, and, in the 3.0 version, Star Wars characters. You build worlds, decorate a home, race vehicles, fight bad guys, and generally fool around. It's great fun mixing and matching from different franchises.

I've bought mostly Star Wars characters but have a variety of Marvel ones and a few classic Disney, such as Donald Duck. It just tickles me to death the way it all mish mashes together. Kylo Ren fights bad robots from Toy Story, Chewbacca takes on pirates, the Black Panther mixes it up with Rhinoceros pikemen from Robin Hood. Speaking of Robin Hood, one aspect of the game is gaining a "sidekick". Right now mine is Robin Hood, the fox Robin Hood from the animated feature, and he's wearing a Tron helmet. That just makes me smile.

I think I need to maybe reign it in though. I've been telling myself it's a bargain because this stuff is so cheap on clearance. But tonight I went to Amazon and bought, at almost the regular price, Baloo. Because I just HAD to, ya know? Nah, I don't have a problem......

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