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---Walter Elias Disney

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

46 Days: Disney Costume Guidelines

Even though we won't be costuming ourselves for MNSSHP this year, I'm interested in how Disney handles costumes, particularly on adults, in the age of terror attacks and such. The word immediately after the Orlando nightclub shooting was that costumes would not be allowed for adults, but Disney has relented on that and instead issued some more restrictive guidelines than in years past. The Disney Parks Blog has a a short article about it, but the info is mostly in their little video.

My favorite part is that lightsabers are specifically allowed. However, long capes, full-face masks, dresses that drag the ground and real-looking weapons are not. For full details, follow the link the the video. It certainly looks like they've left plenty of room for creative Halloweeny fun!

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