"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
---Walter Elias Disney

Monday, September 5, 2016

54 Days: And Awwwwaaaayyyyyyy We Go! Into The MouseLife

We did it. MouseLife is live on SoundCloud as of about five minutes ago with a special Preview Show featuring our discussion of Walt Disney's response to the Zika virus and the effects it may have on Disney travel planning.

Want to listen? Sure you do! It's right here:


It's been quite a ride getting this together. I mean just this weekend I became the licensee of our theme music and the owner of the future home of the MouseLife Podcast Website. A month ago I hadn't ever listened to any part of a podcast. Hell, even today, I've only listened to ours all the way to the end. But with the help of Google, YouTube and some terrific new friends, I'm producing one.

Those new friends? That's been the best part. As much as I've enjoyed learning the ins and outs of podcasting and audio editing, the real joy has come from getting to know a group of people with basically just a love of Disney in common. Turns out we have more in common (three of us are Penn Staters, which makes me VERY happy), but the only thread weaving us all into this venture was Disney. And it worked. It not only worked, it worked amazingly well. We've spent maybe three hours total together on Skype and already feel a camaraderie and friendship. We are as far away from each other as New York and Texas; we are hairdressers and travel planners; some of us are moms and dads, some not; some of us save to visit WDW once a year if we're lucky, some live close enough to go on a whim. But despite the differences of situation and experience, we seem to be fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle.

I would never have meet a single one of my MouseLife cohorts if not for Twitter, the Twitter-based Small World Club created by another friend I've never actually met, Barry Percival, and this project itself. But I am so very glad I have. These folks have become friends, real ones. They are all positive and intelligent and articulate and have wonderful senses of humor. The level of support and cheering on as we get this show off the ground has been unbelievable.

Or not. I mean if we Disney Geeks are anything we are Believers, in ourselves, in others and in that Magic that we keep our eyes open wide enough to see. Guess in hindsight, I shouldn't be surprised this is so much fun :-)

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  1. So excited the show made its official debut with a preview!