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---Walter Elias Disney

Sunday, July 31, 2016

90 Days: Memory Maker: Letting the Dis Help With The Photos

First off, 90 DAYS!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!!

Ok, got that out of my system.

My favorite Disney photo. Ever.
Today I decided to try to put all the Disney photos I have on a portable hard drive so it will be easier to access them for this blog. Turns out we have over 3000 photos from our trips to Disney since 2006. We like taking photos :-) And Disney World is a great spot, every time we go I see something new, some new angle. But I think for this trip we're going to enlist some Disney help with the photography and buy the Memory Maker.

A Handy Dandy Map of PhotoPass locations in the Magic Kingdom
Both Lisa and I love photography and John is really good at composing and shooting photos as well, so we have great photos of all three of us. The problem is one of us is always behind the camera, so we have very few photos of all three of us together. Disney's PhotoPass to the rescue! Disney stations photographers all over the parks ready to shoot you and your family all together. They are at all the character meet and greets as well as some of the more photogenic and iconic spots, like entrances and in front of the Cinderella Castle. These folks are happy to take photos of anyone, no purchase necessary, and photos are pegged to MagicBands (if you have one) or a special PhotoPass card. You can view your collection of photos at the park or online and decide if you want to purchase any. What Memory Maker does is get you access to all PhotoPass photos as well as ride photos and dining photos in one pre-paid package. For $149, I'm thinking we're going to go for it this trip.

Disney's PhotoPass Service is explained really well here. Page down for maps of all the parks with the PhotoPass spots marked. These maps are also on the My Disney Experience app.

You can find out all about and purchase Memory maker here

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