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---Walter Elias Disney

Monday, July 25, 2016

96 Days: #DisneyParksLive Streams

Tonight is the last of four live streams of events at Walt Disney Parks. It just so happens that tonight's is the Paint The Night Parade at Disneyland and since it happens at almost midnight my time, I'll miss it. Truth be told I also missed last week's stream of the Galactic Spectacular fireworks show from Disney's Hollywood studios. We were floating in the pool in the back yard and forgot. Oops. But I did see the first two streams and the entire concept is totally cool and looks to have been carried off wonderfully.

The first live stream was on Independence Day and featured the Fourth of July fireworks from Disney World. The town next door hosts the Official North Carolina Fourth of July Festival complete with huge fireworks display. It's fun but also features a huge traffic jam trying to get home. As I get older, I'm happier on my couch, and if I can watch Disney's fireworks from there, so much the better! We managed to hook my laptop up to both our shiny new embarrassingly large tv and our old, but still amazing Bose radio, so it turned out to be a pretty spectacular show right in our living room.

I ended up at home alone for the second live stream as it happened in late afternoon before the family got home. I have more flexibility and got done in time to thoroughly enjoy the performance of the Mickey's Friendship Faire stage show. It has a bit of a renaissance fair flavor, especially in the costumes, and since we are huge ren faire fans, I loved that aspect. I'm not much to watch the stage shows at Disney World normally, but might just need to make time for this one, especially since they've added Louie Gator from Princess and the Frog. Suppose enough time has passed....

So if you can mange to keep your eyelids open until 11:50 pm Eastern, be sure to check out tonight's live stream at the Disney Parks Blogs website!

PS. I tried to find past live streams on the Disney Parks Blog YouTube channel to no avail. I did, however, get completely swept up in a 70 episode series on jobs at Disneyland.......

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