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---Walter Elias Disney

Friday, August 26, 2016

64 Days: Guy Fieri Comes To Disney Springs

I have no idea why this hasn't been bigger news among the Disney social media crowd, but Guy Fieri's signature sandwiches are coming to Disney Springs!

According to the OrlandoMyWay website, part of the refurbishing and re-imagining of the old Planet Hollywood will include Guy Fieri's signature sandwiches on a new and improved menu.

Looks pretty cool, huh?
I've never even had an inkling of a desire to visit the Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs. We went to the Myrtle Beach location while it was open and that was plenty. But I'm kind of loving what Disney is doing to their version. To make it fit into the new Disney Springs vibe, the outside globe motif is giving way to a sort of planetarium kinda thing. The artist's renderings look really good. I just figured that would make me less annoyed by what seemed to be an intrusion of Universal's City Walk onto Disney property, but if I can get a genuine Guy Fieri burger, I may be tempted to actually venture inside once it's finished. And as John is a HUGE Guy Fieri fan, I may not have a choice..... :-)

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